Inauguration of New Test Track

The new test track “Super Multilane” is now open for testing. Delegates from the City of Borås, industrial partners, owners, PEAB and AstaZero cut the opening band today, only nine months after the construction start. It is an amazing work done by all parties!

AstaZero Challenge 18-19 November 2017

The vision is to establish a prestigious competition in road safety between all stakeholders in the automotive industry; academy, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, etc. A “World championship” in traffic safety for self-driving vehicles, or part of Euro NCAP for autonomous drive. A contest that challenges manufacturers in more complex scenarios.
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New Test Track Construction Start

Today´s first take-off took place for a new test track at AstaZero. An 8-lane highway will be ready until summer 2018. The test track will increase the capacity at AstaZero and enables future safety tests. This construction is a result from a cooperation between AstaZero, industrial partners, owners, City of Borås and PEAB. All parties contributed by taking a digging.


Researchers Day 17 October 2017

The digitalized transportation system – Making it safe and secure
AstaZero Researchers Days serve as a forum for researchers, experts and practitioners to explore and discuss recent research results, challenges and opportunities in the area of the automated transportation system.

AstaZero Now Installs 5G

AstaZero becomes the first in the world with a 5G network dedicated to performing tests and experiments in our safe environment. The 5G network is installed in collaboration with Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Programs (WASP), and Ericsson has provided network infrastructure equipment and 5G competence.

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The Facility is Almost Complete

Spring 2014 is here at last, and in just a few months AstaZero’s facility will be up and running. At the time of writing, intensive work is underway to complete the ground works, electrical installations and housebuilding, and every day 80 people are out working on the site.

“All of the houses should be finished by 10 May, and we are aiming to be completely finished with contractor works by June,” says test site manager Björn Bjurklint.

IMG_0063-m AstaZero 2014-03-03 041-m

Blasting is completely finished and what remains is mostly asphalting the section of the Rural road track that borders Hälleredsberget and minor service roads within the area, as well as erecting the town scenery.

“Otherwise, what’s left is mostly fine tuning work, such as terracing and erecting barriers. Now that most of the asphalt is laid and we have erected all of the lamp posts, the facility looks almost finished and it’s been a real revelation for those of us that have been involved since construction began,” says mr Bjurklint.

AstaZero 2014-03-03 036-m AstaZero 2014-03-03 033-m

Environmental Care in Focus

Respect for the environment has permeated all ASTA AB’s work at the facility, and several compensatory measures have been carried out for benefit of the protected animals residing in the area: the moor frog, the red-throated diver, the Ortolan Bunting and the Whooper Swan. For example, the company has previously built a rampart, several transportation tunnels and two new ponds to meet the moor frogs’ need for spawning and feeding sites.

The very latest compensatory measure is the construction of a salmon ladder, i.e. a structure on or around artificial barriers to facilitate fish’s natural migration. The fish ladder enables the fish to pass around the barrier by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps (hence the term “ladder”) into the waters on the other side.
The construction of a fish ladder is not easy, since the velocity of water falling over the steps has to be great enough to attract the fish to the ladder, but cannot be so great that it washes the fish back downstream or exhausts them to the point of being unable to continue their journey upriver.

The new fish ladder is now operational, and is located between the entrance to AstaZero and the Volvo Hällered entry. The barrier is an old wall that is part of an old pond construction that has been there for years, and that fish have never managed to swim past. By building three steps from existing stones, the AstaZero builders have decreased the fall height, making it possible for fish to swim all the way up to a creek located nearby.

The AstaZero Site Takes Shape

Just over a year has passed since we started laying the foundations for the AstaZero site. Now we see where the roads go through the forest.

At this moment, 90% of all internal roads are ready to be surfaced with asphalt, but the weather will decide how much of this work gets done before winter. We’ve already started surfacing several of the site’s roadways, including the main street though town and the area where AstaZeros’ Proving Ground Center will be located. Even the High Speed Area has a first asphalt layer, though it will need two more layers before this special surface can be considered complete.

“Every layer of asphalt takes us ten working days, since the size of the High Speed Area surface is the same as a 4.5 kilometre highway. “That means we use huge amounts of asphalt, and for the ten days we spent on laying the first layer, it took 50 truckloads of asphalt every day,” relates site manager Björn Bjurklint.

Meanwhile, PEAB also cast two of the track’s three bridges, and they’ve started building the fuel station, scales, and calibration surfaces next to the workshops for the Proving Ground Center. They’ve even installed three of the four transformers, laid foundations for all the area lighting poles and started laying the power lines.

“Over the next month, PEAB Sweden will start building the workshops for the Proving Ground Center, the administrative buildings and inspection sites. And the administrative buildings will be standing by early November,” continues Mr Bjurklint.

He adds, “You can see that we’re in a new construction phase here, as the groundwork contractor starts to finish off and building construction gets going.”