Presentations Researchers Day


   17 October 2017

The digitalized transportation system

- Making it safe and secure


  18 October, 2016

Building trust in automated driving


Presentations from AstaZero Researchers Day 10 May 2016

An introduction to the iTRANSIT research Project

Evaluation of low-cost RTK GPS receivers

Point cloud to 3D object

State-of-the-art and future trends in

A tool for interoperability testing of multi-vendor CACC

Radar reflecting pavement markers for vehicle automation

AUTO-CAAS Model-based fault


Presentations from AstaZero Researchers Day 14 October 2015


Magnets in a carriageway part 2; Magnetic background noise and markers pattern study

Chalmers ReVeRe

Task assignment and trajectory planning in dynamic Environments for multiple vehicles

Potential impacts of ADAS

Processes and infrastructure for testing of active safety systems

VICTA lab, supporting the vehicle software eco-systems

Reducing driver distraction with efficient UX design leveraging haptic feedback

Haptics in Automotive applications and Active safety

Logger systems for autonomous drive development


Presentations from AstaZero Researchers Day 14 April 2015


Context Information Captures Acceptability of Alerts to Pedestrians

Testing of Mobile Apps Intended for Use while Driving

Complete Vehicle Testing of Car Occupant Muscle Responses for Integrated Safety Simulation

Active Safety Study and Potential Technical Application in China Based on Real World Accident Data

Suspension and Active Safety Verification

Priorities for Road Safety Research in Europe