AstaZero Challenge 2017

The vision is to establish a prestigious competition in road safety between all stakeholders in the automotive industry; academy, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, etc. A “World championship” in traffic safety for self-driving vehicles, or part of EURONCAP for autonomous drive. A contest that challenges manufacturers in more complex scenarios.

Plan 2017

As a first step, we want to investigate the conditions for a first race in which the gap between VR and full-scale testing is reduced. This is done by driving a real car on a test course with cones, as fast as possible, demolish as few cones as possible, with a VR headset showing the track in virtual reality. The position of VR and reality should conform as closely as possible. Specifically, this means two elements:

1. Building VR environment with high degree of consistency with reality. Start from SW package.
2. Running an actual vehicle through a track with 10 cones on the test track, based on visual from the VR environment.


In conjunction with the competition, there is the opportunity to meet and mingle with companies and organizations in the industry.


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Partner companies

We are looking for companies and organizations that want to become partners in the implementation of this contest. For more information contact, or use this form.


Creating trust in automated vehicles – Investigating the impact of object recognition on users trust


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