Research Projects

AstaZero runs research projects in collaboration with partners, in bilateral collaboration with industry and on its own. Main funding comes from Vinnova’s FFI program, EC, Region Västra Götaland, and others. Below are links to public information from some of these projects. Unfortunately, most of this information is only available in Swedish. Note that many of AstaZero’s projects are confidential and therefore not listed.

Ongoing Projects

Vinnova FFI

AstaZero Suitability – Test technology for verification of active safety systems and autonomous vehicles

AstaZero Suitability – Competence needed for verification of active safety systems and autonomous vehicles

Prestudy – Safety self driving vehicles (SAE level 4/5) at AstaZero

Self-driving bikes for more realistic development and testing of,in vehicle, systems for bike safety

Semi-Autonomus driving and its effect on Mode awareness and User experience

Realistic Simulation of Vehicles for safer, more robust and cheaper development of autonomous vehicles

Network-RTK Positioning for Automated Driving (NPAD)

Chronos part 2

Development of competence regarding LIDAR at AstaZero

Generate weather at AstaZero

AstaZero suitability – Digital AstaZero

Efficiency in ADAS testing – analysis and verification

European Commission

Precise and Robust Positioning for Automated Road Transports (PRoPART)

HEADSTART (Harmonised European Solutions for Testing Automated Road Transport)


Concluded Projects

Vinnova FFI

City 2.0

COPPLAR CampusShuttle cooperative perception & planning platform

Simulation Scenarios

Sensor Properties for Indoor Testing and City Environment (SPICE)

HiFi Visual Target

ROSITA, Testarena för innovativa vägbeläggningar

C-ITS Test System for Tomorrow’s Transportation System (Chronos part 1)

In Swedish only:

Autonoma drift- och underhållsfordon för cykelstråk

Spray 2   Final Report Spray 2 (pdf)

Avancerat TEstsystem Avancerade Metoder fas 2b   Final report, A-TEAM phase 2b (pdf)

Avancerat TEstsystem Avancerade Metoder fas 2   Final report, A-TEAM phase 2a (pdf)

Avancerat TEstsystem Avancerade Metoder fas 1   Final report A-TEAM phase 1 (pdf)

Spray1   Final report, Spray 1 (pdf)

iTRANSIT – intelligent TRAffic maNagement System based on ITS

AstaZeroSim – Simulering av AstaZero   Final Report AstaZeroSim (pdf)

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