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Sweden is often considered a pioneer in the field of road safety and is among the countries with the lowest number of traffic related deaths per capita.* The automotive industry in Sweden has for a long time been the recognized leader among car companies when it comes to building safety into their products. Considerable expertise has been developed in sub-contractors and in related research institutions, such as Chalmers Technical University and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

The location of AstaZero makes it possible to offer a state-of- the-art Proving Ground and expertise that can support the European automotive industry, suppliers and research & development players within the field of safety.

Thanks to the broad range of opportunities on offer, the test siteĀ can also serve as a meeting place where large and small companies within measurement technology, sensor technology and safety systems can create clusters and have access to unique environments.

*Sweden has half the number of traffic fatalities per capita than the EU average.
For more information, see Sweden and traffic safety or links below:

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