Sweden and traffic safety

The automotive industry in Sweden has for decades been the recognized leader among car companies when it comes to building safety into their products, the vehicles. Considerable expertise has therefore been developed by some sub-contractors and in related research institutions.

Today, Sweden is a world leader in many areas of road safety. An important part of the successful road safety work is the development of intelligent transport systems, ITS. The Swedish Transport Administration conducts research and development in the field of ITS in collaboration with the automotive industry, academia and other stakeholders in the transport sector. Together they create cross-border solutions for monitoring, control and information. Solutions that cannot only be used in Sweden, but which are also available for international distribution.

An example of such cross-border cooperation is IVSS, where the Swedish Transport Administration, together with the automotive industry and state-owned Vinnova is working to develop active systems to prevent accidents with different types of security inside and outside the vehicle. Focus areas are active safety, loss prevention solutions, development of handling and crashworthiness of passenger and commercial vehicles and the development of intelligent vehicles and traffic systems.

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