AstaZero announces the release of ATOS (Automated vehicle Test Operating System) as an open-source project. ATOS is an ISO 22133-compliant and ROS2-based scenario execution engine designed for controlling, monitoring, and coordinating physical and virtual vehicles and equipment.

ATOS offers advanced capabilities for executing real-time scenarios specified in the ASAM OpenSCENARIO® format and uses GPS time to ensure precise and repeatable execution between runs. Its flexible architecture enables it to control a wide range of physical and virtual vehicles and equipment, making it an ideal solution for testing and validating automated vehicles, robotics, and other transportation-related applications.

With this release, ATOS is now available to developers and companies worldwide as an open-source project under Mozilla Public License 2.0. This will enable the community to contribute to the development of ATOS, improve its functionalities, and build upon it to create new and innovative solutions for their needs. The community can access the source code and contribute to the development of ATOS by visiting the ATOS GitHub repository here,

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