Researchers Day 17 October 2017

The digitalized transportation system – Making it safe and secure
AstaZero Researchers Days serve as a forum for researchers, experts and practitioners to explore and discuss recent research results, challenges and opportunities in the area of the automated transportation system.

AstaZero Now Installs 5G

AstaZero becomes the first in the world with a 5G network dedicated to performing tests and experiments in our safe environment. The 5G network is installed in collaboration with Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Programs (WASP), and Ericsson has provided network infrastructure equipment and 5G competence.

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AstaZero First Proving Ground with 4G

Today is the inauguration of the 4G net at AstaZero. As the first proving ground we are proud to present this reliable communication technique. This strengthens our world leading position and will give us a lot of testing opportunities!