Chronos Part 2

Chronos Part 2 is a Swedish collaboration project which runs from March 2018 to March 2020. It is co-funded by Vinnova’s FFI program and coordinated by AstaZero.

New Test System Features in Chronos 2

  • VUT Virtual Object Injection
  • Dynamic Trajectories
  • Mix Virtual and Physical Objects
  • Same Scenario Model and Test Track
  • AR and VR Viewer
  • C-ITS Test Environment

Chronos 2 Partners

Partners are AB Volvo, AstaZero, Ericsson, ESI, Fengco, Inceptive, RISE, Veoneer, Volvo Car Corporation, and VTI.

Some Results from Chronos 2


Exploring the suitability of virtual reality for driving simulation, B. Blissing and F. Bruzelius, VTI

Ph.D. Thesis: “Driving in Virtual Reality – Requirements for automotive research and development” (2020), B. Blissing

Master Thesis: “Facilitating Automatic Setup in a Robotised Test Framework for Autonomous Vehicles by Path Planning and Real-Time Trajectory Generation” (2018)

Master Thesis: “Server Based Closed Loop Trajectory Control” (2018)

Master Thesis: “Robotized Test Setup for Autonomous Driving – Virtual Objects Injection” (2018)

Master Thesis: “Dynamic path planning for collision avoidance in a robotized framework for autonomous driving verification” (2019)

Master Thesis: “Last Point to React for Collision Avoidance in a Robotized Framework for Autonomous Driving Verification” (2019)


Chronos Part 2 in brief at Vinnova’s site

More AstaZero related videos at AstaZero’s YouTube channel here.

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