Full Speed Ahead

At the facility, work is currently booming. Extensive blastings are being carried out in order to extract rock from the Hällered mountain, and in each of these blastings, 20 000 cubic metres of rock is being extracted, using 12 tons of explosives in each burst. At the same time, roads are dug out and filled with rubble.

– We are currently working simultaneously at between 25-40 different fronts, and almost all roads are now excavated and united, says AstaZeros building consultant Björn Bjurklint.

At the 5.7 km long Rural Road that encircles the facility, the construction team has already dug out about 4 km and filled it with rubble, and  half the City Area is also excavated.


– At several locations on the Multi-Lane Road and the City Area, there were 4-5 metres deep marshes that we had to dig out before we could apply the load. It has taken some time, but the Multilane Road has now been filled with rubble that will be left for a couple of months in order for all subsidence to disappear, Björn Bjurklint explains.

At the High-Speed Area,  PEAB are currently undertaking extensive blasting. This area will also be filled with rubble that will need to remain for six months, but this overload is still a few months ahead.

-Apart from our own work, Vattenfall has now begun the relocation of the power line that currently crosses the facility. This will give us full access to the entire area sometime in April this year, says Björn Bjurklint.

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