Long Working Days

Some 60 people have lived at the site four days a week since construction work began. A campsite with twelve huts developed quickly, and with all the offices as well there are now 25 huts dotted over the site. Being able to offer accommodation at the site was necessary as many of the labourers live elsewhere in Sweden, and the working day begins at 6am and often goes on until well into the evening.

“We often work four days a week, Monday to Thursday, and a minimum working week is 46 working hours long. We often have the day off on Fridays, which is when our machine operators usually take the opportunity to service their machines,” explains Pär Tingström, PEAB’s site manager.

The people working at the site all have different jobs to do, such as blasting, excavation and boring. Information meetings involving all officers and labourers take place once a fortnight. Minutes are kept from these meetings  which are then handed out to everyone else on site.

“It’s important to let everyone know what’s happening all over the site so that people can understand just how important their own jobs are,” says Pär Tingström.

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