Presentations Researchers Day

The digitalized transportation system – Making it safe and secure

17 October 2017

Building trust in automated driving

18 October, 2016

AstaZero Researchers Day

10 May 2016

AstaZero Researchers Day

14 October 2015

  • Magnets in a carriageway part 2; Magnetic background noise and markers pattern study  Abstract  Slides
  • Chalmers ReVeRe  Abstract  Slides
  • Task assignment and trajectory planning in dynamic Environments for multiple vehicles  Abstract  Slides
  • Potential impacts of ADAS  Abstract  Slides
  • Processes and infrastructure for testing of active safety systems  Abstract  Slides
  • VICTA lab, supporting the vehicle software eco-systems  Abstract  Slides
  • Reducing driver distraction with efficient UX design leveraging haptic feedback  Abstract  Poster
  • Haptics in Automotive applications and Active safety  Abstract  Slides
  • Logger systems for autonomous drive development Slides

AstaZero Researchers Day

14 April 2015

  • Context Information Captures Acceptability of Alerts to Pedestrians  Abstract  Slides
  • Testing of Mobile Apps Intended for Use while Driving  Abstract  Slides
  • Complete Vehicle Testing of Car Occupant Muscle Responses for Integrated Safety Simulation  Abstract  Slides
  • Active Safety Study and Potential Technical Application in China Based on Real World Accident Data  Abstract  Slides
  • Suspension and Active Safety Verification Slides
  • Priorities for Road Safety Research in Europe Slides

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