AstaZero Challenge

24 november 2018

AstaZero Challenge is a open student hackathon.

Location: Lindholmspiren 7A, floor 7 (and 1). Mixtive/Inceptive/Uptive offices.

Saturday 24 nov, 09.00-24.00

Bring your ideas and get ready for a great day together! They might be within automotive or visualization. We will be excited to what you can come up with in this period of time.

Apply to the 2018 hackaton here (The number of seats is limited)





Highlights from 2017

Hackathon, 18-19 nov 2017

AstaZero, Inceptive and Computer and SW Engineering was arranging together.

Team Presentations 2017

Winners 2017
Erik Laurin, Shaun McMurray, Joacim Eberlen and Justinas Stirbys.


Partner companies

We are looking for more companies and organisations that want to become partners in the implementation of this hackathon. For more information contact or use this form.



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