Soon Time for the Next Work Phase

PEAB has been established at the AstaZero site for seven months, and most of the basics are now in place. This means that the very biggest machines will only need to remain in place for another month or so, and then some slightly smaller machines can take over.

“The work’s entering a new phase, you could say. We’ll be doing a few more of the fine details, such as laying pipes for water, sewage and ducting and starting to tarmac certain parts of the road at the site. We’ll be able to start working on this as soon as there’s no more frost in the ground,” says Pär Tingström, PEAB’s site manager.

Much of the work at the site has focused on the high-speed area of late, where an overload had to be put in place in the areas where marshland had been excavated. The overload will be left in place here for no less than six months, and so there has been a lot of activity at the major rock excavation at Hälleredsberget, where two rock crushers are working to capacity.

To get an idea of ​​the total extent of work performed by the dump truck drivers, there are more than 1.2 million cubic meters of rock that will have to be moved, and each dump truck can only unload 12 cubic meters at a time.

This means that these trucks will have to drive numerous turns to and from the rock excavation; a driving which total mileage is equivalent to 5 times around the world!

What has been the biggest challenge posed by the work so far?

“The time aspect, of course. We’re on a tight schedule and a lot has to happen in a very short time, which means that all units have to function in an exemplary fashion the whole time. We also have extensive logistical work to do, where we have to make sure that all the spoil is moved to the right places directly so that we don’t have to waste time moving it all again,” says Pär Tingström.

In his view, the best thing about the job is the spirit of enterprise, which means that he and his team really feel they are part of everything that is going on.

“Apart from the fact that this is an exciting job to do, everyone involved in the work has an incredibly positive outlook. We can tell that everyone at ASTA thinks it’s great that we’re here and doing this building work, which makes our jobs even more fun to do.”

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