The Facility is Almost Complete

Spring 2014 is here at last, and in just a few months AstaZero’s facility will be up and running. At the time of writing, intensive work is underway to complete the ground works, electrical installations and housebuilding, and every day 80 people are out working on the site.

“All of the houses should be finished by 10 May, and we are aiming to be completely finished with contractor works by June,” says test site manager Björn Bjurklint.

IMG_0063-m AstaZero 2014-03-03 041-m

Blasting is completely finished and what remains is mostly asphalting the section of the Rural road track that borders Hälleredsberget and minor service roads within the area, as well as erecting the town scenery.

“Otherwise, what’s left is mostly fine tuning work, such as terracing and erecting barriers. Now that most of the asphalt is laid and we have erected all of the lamp posts, the facility looks almost finished and it’s been a real revelation for those of us that have been involved since construction began,” says mr Bjurklint.

AstaZero 2014-03-03 036-m AstaZero 2014-03-03 033-m

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