Rural Road

The Rural road is specially designed for different tests of driver behaviour and is full of sudden obstacles at the same time as the monotonous environment makes it easy for the driver to lose concentration.


The Rural road is approximately 5.7 km long. Half is designed for 70 km/h and half for 90 km/h. In several places there are scrub or broadleaf trees growing near the track, which make it possible to conceal obstacles before they cross the road in front of the test vehicles.

There are also two T-junctions and a crossroads that will be treated as real junctions with signage in the specified language and changeable to suit customer requirements, as well as bus stop/lay-by at two locations.


  • Normal road standard/safety.
  • NOT for advanced driving.
  • Slightly hilly, max 4.5 % incline.
  • For Bi-directional traffic.
  • Normal setup = right-hand traffic and one-way traffic.
  • Foundation for traffic signs.
  • Hidden access to public roads.
  • Traffic signs showing:
    • Distance.
    • Name of the place.
    • Curve radius.
  • Electronically controlled signs, 4 pcs.




Digital lane marking data available

Digital lane marking data available

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