Super Multilane

Length: 700 m + turnaround loop

Width: The track on the left in the image is 15 m wide and the right 13 m wide

Between the courses there is a simulated ditch with a width of 10 m. The purpose of this part is to provide the opportunity for “road edge detection” testing. It is thus possible to run off the road with low risk of accident when the ditch is more or less flat, inclining 2%.

The intersection in the middle is constructed for test scenarios with intersecting traffic, pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, intersecting traffic with low speed, maximum 60 km due to limited acceleration distance. The total width of the junction is 60 m. The opening between the runways at the junction is 30 m. There is a number of permanent lines on the track, with the possibility to add temporary lines.

The course provides the opportunity to conduct all Euro NCAP tests for active safety systems. In addition to these rating tests, there are great possibilities to perform tests in the development of self-driving functions such as Highway (pilot assist). The track is dimensioned both for light and heavy vehicles. The design allows two independent test teams to carry out tests at the same time.











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