Test Safety

All customers and test drivers must receive an introduction and undergo safety training before the test site is used. In certain studies involving complex traffic situations and at high-speeds robots will operate the test vehicles.

AstaZero also offers a simulation of the whole site, where tests can be pre-run in a virtual environment before real life testing begins. The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) has developed the simulation system.

The traffic control centre at the test site has a precise overview of the position of different test vehicles around the site and can abort a test if necessary.

Apart from the central control station, the AstaZero test site has two control towers as well as several control rooms adjacent to the different environments. In addition to technical equipment like remote control of gates, traffic lights, targets, balloon cars and driving robots, all control rooms also include working space for two operators, a conference table for 6 -10 persons, communication equipment with individual frequency, kitchenette for simple refreshments and bathrooms.

Safety Instructions (pdf)

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