Numerous research areas

Academia and industry have identified several areas of research that are essential if active safety systems are to be reliable at all stages throughout the lifetime of a vehicle.

New research areas are continuously being identified, so the small number of areas described here are only to be regarded as examples, indicating rather than establishing what kind of research and tests might be conducted at AstaZero in the future.

Call for Open Research Projects at AstaZero

Funding is now available for research projects that want to use the AstaZero proving ground.

Deadline for applications is 9 Nov 2018. Apply online here.

This is a program led by SAFER and funding Open Research at AstaZero by providing FREE access to the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. No industry partner is needed!

The program aims to stimulate and facilitate open, independent and world-leading research that generates openly available results and data, and an inspiring network between researchers. Open research becoming one of the main pillars of AstaZero by making the unique test environment accessible to researchers from around the world, within the strong research environment found in western Sweden.

You can apply for
• Test track time
• Workshop use
• Support (e.g. testing engineers, or drivers)
• Use of equipment

You need to cover all other project costs.

Researchers from universities or research institutions as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply.

We are open-minded and welcome projects from other related scientific disciplines!

For more information, visit

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