The conditions under which an automated vehicle is designed to operate is called Operational Design Domain, ODD. The research at AstaZero focuses on making repeatable and realistic testing of various aspects of the Operational Design Domain possible. Other focus areas are test efficiency, test control and safety systems for use when conducting tests of vehicles featuring automation and active safety. Generally, the research projects are conducted in collaboration with industry partners, academia, governmental organizations, institutes and NGOs such as Euro NCAP.  

The research and innovation systems and competencies at AstaZero are applicable to traditional road vehicles such as cars and trucks and their systems, but new vehicle types such as pods, drones and automated industrial vehicles also need the new research capabilities at AstaZero. 

Finally, AstaZero is also used as a site for research of the topics mentioned, sometimes without the participation of AstaZero. In these cases, the whole AstaZero test tracks, competencies and services are available to the researchers. Below are some examples of research and development use of AstaZero in research projects and by customers.