AstaZero has extensive experience in risk assessment of complex test scenarios, and development of test methods and running complete full-service customer projects.

AstaZero has also a proven track record of running cross-functional research projects within the automated connected transport system.

Risk assessment and mitigation for research and development testing of active safety, human factors, automated vehicles and infrastructure-based systems

Test method development for active safety and driver assistant functions

Scenario and test environment design and preparation on and off the proving ground, including methods for documentation and creation of digital twins of scenarios

Proving ground design

Test equipment and control systems for automated vehicles, infrastructure-based equipment and active safety testing

Traffic and security management on the proving ground

Active safety and automated vehicle testing for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and researchers. Testing can be done by customers or AstaZero test engineers on AstaZero or other places

Accredited testing for UNECE requirements

Accredited testing for Euro NCAP active safety rating tests including AD grading and truck testing (passive safety tests are conducted with partners)

Experienced full-service supplier of development testing, verification and validation with AstaZero engineers integrated into customer development organization

Demonstration facility and assistance with product launches, technical demos, conferences, and corporate events