AstaZero’s services range all the way from assisting in test preparations and risk assessments to participating in customer projects and providing testing as an integral part of the organization. AstaZero also participates in and leads research projects, as well as standardization and test protocol development.


  • Unique environments to build any scenario to develop, test or certify new traffic safety solutions, making it possible to test literally all aspects of active safety in one place
    • Centre of excellence in the development of methods and test equipment
    • International proving grounds collaboration
    • A high service level where customers’ problems and its solution are the focus of the entire operation
    • Demonstration facility and assistance with product launches, conferences, and corporate events
    • Test preparation before customer testing
    • Risk assessment of testing together with customers
    • Testing for customers using AstaZero test engineers
    • Test method development
    • Test protocol development for organizations such as Euro NCAP
    • Test equipment design
    • Accredited testing for customers
    • Testing services in customer projects
    • Standards development


    Active safety and automated driving research and development for vehicles

    – Active safety systems

    – Automated driving

    – Human factors

    – Functional reliability

    Connectivity-related research and development for vehicles, drones, and industrial applications such as;

    – Cyber Test Lab

    – Data loss

    – Bandwidth variation

    – Border crossing

    – Roaming

    Energy system research and development, for example;

    – Automated charging

    – Local energy storage

    – Grid services, business models

    Track offer

    AstaZero provides various opportunities to adapt to the different requirements of its customers, including:

    • Renting the facility or specific parts of the test site
    • Renting the site along with the available expertise, with different options available depending on the requirements
    • Renting the site, expertise, and availing subsequent test analysis services