AstaZero does not only provide a unique test environment, but also helps clients to analyze and draw conclusions from results by supplying research engineers and other technicians who can assist in testing, development and research projects. In time, this will create an even higher level of analytical expertise around the automotive industry in Sweden, which will benefit international customers, allowing them to test all aspects of active safety in one place.

Core services

  • Unique environments to build any scenario in order to develop, test or certify new traffic safety solutions, making it possible to test literally all aspects of active safety in one place
  • Center of Excellence in development of methods and test equipment
  • International proving grounds collaboration
  • A high service level where customers problem and it’s solution are in focus of the entire operation
  • Demonstration facility and assistance with product launches, conferences and corporate events.


– Vehicle dynamics

– Driver behavior

– Functional reliability

– Communications technology

Track offer

All customers have different requirements and AstaZero therefore offers opportunities to:

  • Hire the facility or parts/part of test site
  • Hire the site and available expertise (different options depending on requirements)
  • Hire the site, expertise and subsequent execution of test analysis.

Technician offer

Research engineers and other technicians employed by AstaZero are available to provide support and assistance during testing and development work and participate in research projects by:

  • Developing and contributing tests and testing methods and measurement equipment.
  • Developing and maintaining equipment, devices and aids.
  • Functioning as a resource for customer company’s development and test projects.
  • Contribute to the design/development and creation of prototypes for different functions as assigned by customers.