Flexible test track

The FLX Zone (Flexible Logistics Zone), is a new adaptable test environment designed to meet the current and future needs of our customers. It is a flexible environment that can be built and adjusted according to specific test requirements. The term ‘Logistics’ refers to planning, execution and control of the flow with different transport solutions of material, goods, people, and vehicles.

About the track

A square surface of approximately 22500 square metres, with connection roads in three directions.

Various amount of building blocks to be used for creating environments to be tested, such as containers, traffic signs, traffic lights, lane markings and full graphic traffic signs. It will continuously expand based on customer needs.

Based on specific test needs from the customers, they can rent different things on a temporary basis.

The test area has electrical chargers, access to the various cellular networks available at AstaZero and a planned millimetre wave network to test complete infrastructure solutions.