We at AstaZero are proud to announce that we now have three active 5G mmWave (millimetre wave) cells in operation in the joint Ericsson/AstaZero Expericom development and innovative mobile network at the testing ground in Sandhult.

This reinforcement is an important part of our investment linked to the Sustainable Connected Automated Transport System (SCATS) and its digital infrastructure.

Our initial tests are focused on coverage extension and enhanced mobility of connected mmWave devices. Another area is to investigate the possibility to support the positioning of connected devices for scenarios where position information plays a vital role, for example improving traffic safety. We use different test scenarios, including intersections and conflicts between vehicles and other road users where accurate position information is a vital part of the test. Additionally, we will extend our initial test scenarios to include risk areas such as logistics terminals and other confined areas where the combinations of pedestrians and vehicle movements present specific challenges.

By utilizing the 5G mmWave technology, fast and reliable transmission of data is achieved. This enables seamless communication between vehicles and the environment. In addition, large volumes of data can be quickly shared in both the physical environment and the digital twin. For example, virtual objects including virtual traffic signals can be used to optimize traffic flows, especially for automated (self-driving) vehicles.

The progress with mmWave technology places us at AstaZero at the forefront of creating an ecosystem where vehicles can exchange critical information quickly and efficiently. We are proud to be part of the development of a sustainable and connected transport system that will shape the mobility of the future.