RISE test facility AstaZero is expanding its offerings and testing capabilities. This expansion is highlighted by introducing the automated testing facility “Generic Site”, a remarkable achievement that enables full-scale testing of off-road automated vehicles and their digital systems.

On November 8th, AstaZero, in collaboration with Volvo Autonomous Solutions, celebrated the inauguration of the groundbreaking “Generic Site” test environment, which includes a complete mine vehicle testing area, covering loading, charging, energy management, mission control, and optimization.

Peter Janevik, CEO of AstaZero, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, ”Generic Site is an example of how RISE and AstaZero can help industry partners take crucial steps in advancing the automated, sustainable, and secure transport system. Complete mission test and validation capabilities will be critical to deploy automated systems for closed environments.”

The inauguration event offered attendees a unique opportunity to witness self-driving vehicles and machines in action up close. They also had the chance to gain insights from Volvo Autonomous Solutions and AstaZero executives, along with public officials, who provided valuable perspectives on our progress in this dynamic field and its impact on the transportation industry’s future.

Beyond the “Generic Site,” AstaZero offers several more test tracks, where automated vehicles can be thoroughly, sustainably, and safely tested. AstaZero’s offerings extend well beyond the physical test track, encompassing digital models, test automation, control, testing services, connectivity solutions, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to advancing automated transports. AstaZero can design and construct specialized test environments for any partner, customer or research body.

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