AstaZero is the first to offer use of the NorthStar 5G innovation network to researchers and customers. The 5G innovation network at AstaZero is part of the NorthStar innovation program launched by Telia and Ericsson. At AstaZero full-scale independent test environment and test ground for the automated transport system, the 5G networks enhance solution development including test and research opportunities for partners and customers. Vehicle manufacturers, logistics companies, logistic site owners, component suppliers and researchers can develop and test end-to-end use cases and components by use of both closed and public cellular 5G networks at AstaZero.

Telia and Ericsson have announced the launch of NorthStar, a 5G innovation program for industrial companies, which will initially focus on the automotive and the development of smart and sustainable transport solutions. To support users of the NorthStar 5G innovation program, AstaZero is the first to offer full-scale test capabilities of mobility solutions and use cases in a controlled environment.

NorthStar focuses on helping industrial companies reinvent better-connected businesses by accelerating the adoption of 5G, a standard developed especially for demanding applications such as vehicles, machinery, or critical infrastructure that require robust and secure mobile connectivity.

One area the program will explore, with funding from the EU, is the development of 5G transport corridors, ensuring that vehicles such as automated trucks benefit from secure connectivity when switching between private and public 5G networks as they travel along highways, cross borders, and enter or exit confined areas.

“The combination of one open and one closed network makes it possible to advance both research and development testing. A self-driving truck can undergo research tests in the closed network of AstaZero’s FLX Zone, simulating operations at a harbour or in a logistics centre. After leaving the FLX Zone, the truck would transition to the public network, just as it would when leaving the closed area, but would remain in the safe confines of the AstaZero Proving Ground.” said Peter Janevik, CEO at AstaZero.

“It also allows several parties to conduct realistic system-level testing together. An example could be testing of automated container loading for automated trucks and cranes using 5G to synchronize the loading operation.”

NorthStar will provide tools and resources that industrial business need, such as network slicing and positioning, and secure and reliable connectivity to develop new applications. NorthStar’s 5G network uses Ericsson’s dual mode 5G Core and connects to Telia’s existing public 5G network so that organisations using NorthStar’s 5G system will have fast connectivity over broad geographical areas. Customers will also be able to build their own networks at their own locations, such as test sites and R&D facilities, and connect them to the NorthStar network. NorthStar innovation network will continuously be updated with new functionality, some of which will not yet be available in the public 5G network.

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