Our services and testing labs are now accredited for heavy vehicles, and we can accommodate customers worldwide.

We at AstaZero are happy and proud to have reached this important goal for our business. We are constantly working to develop and improve our capacity and expertise to continue to drive research and testing that is safe, effective, and accessible to all.

During 2022, we worked on building up our management system to meet the requirements of IEC17025. Since the turn of the year, we have been accredited for three heavy regulations.

UNECE Regulation No. 151 Blind Spot Information System for Detection of Bicycles (BSIS)

UNECE Regulation No. 130 Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

UNECE Regulation No. 131 Advanced Emergency Breaking Systems (AEBS)

AstaZero offers test environments and services for active safety systems in vehicles, self-driving functions, and automated and connected transport solutions. We conduct research and testing for the development of active traffic safety. AstaZero is a world-class facility and offers a range of services with a customer interface characterized by the highest level of service, efficiency, and professionalism.