On March 22, we once again welcomed a group of girls and non-binary individuals to an inspiration day with us at RISE EMC & Wireless Communications in Borås and to RISE test bed AstaZero in Sandhult.

The day began in Borås with the girls listening to our female engineers who shared more about working as an engineer and future opportunities.

They then had the opportunity to visit some of RISE’s exciting EMC chambers (electromagnetic compatibility) where the engineers explained more about what was being tested. The girls were most impressed by VIDAR, a larger chamber where a truck was tested.

Following this, a bus ride awaited them to RISE subsidiary AstaZero in Sandhult, a unique testing environment for connected and automated vehicles. Here the girls had the chance to ride test vehicles that automatically braked in front of a moving test dummy. They also had the opportunity to talk more and ask questions to some of the engineers from AstaZero’s research department about how future automated vehicles can be tested.

At RISE and AstaZero, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in our workplace. By organizing IGEday, we aim to inspire more girls to pursue studies and careers in the technology industry.

Thanks to everyone who participated on this day:
Jenny Eden, Ida Lindström, Mattias Pettersson, Wiktor Dobrzynski, Anneli Storberg, Anna Sjövall, Martina Tinglöf, Mari Eriksson, Johanna Persson, Linda Rösen and Nadja Svahn.


IGEday (Introduce a Girl to Engineering day) is an annually recurring event initiated by the Womengineer Foundation. Engineering companies and tech organizations are encouraged to open their doors to girls and non-binary students between the ages of 13-19 to let them experience what it is like to be an engineer for a day. The day’s goal is to have the participants meet role models and be inspired to choose engineering studies. In 2024, IGEday will be arranged for the 10th consecutive year.