On April 22, Mobility Sweden and FKG organized a meeting at RISE testbed AstaZero, in collaboration with Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Scania Group. Members of the Swedish Parliament were present to learn about the automotive industry’s efforts in research and innovation.

Mobility Sweden regularly organizes meetings with Members of Parliament to discuss the conditions for the Swedish automotive industry. One meeting per year takes place as a study visit to the industry, and this year the choice has fallen on AstaZero for this important conversation. Volvo Cars, next in line to host, delivered the keynote presentation.

AstaZero had the privilege to showcase a demonstration of connected and automated vehicles. By integrating advanced technical solutions, such as remote control via 5G and geofencing, AstaZero demonstrated how a car can navigate safely in an increasingly complex environment.

Volvo Cars, Scania Group, and Volvo Group displayed electric vehicles and presented how they utilize AstaZero’s world-first full-scale independent test environment for road traffic safety.