The Test Site

Testtrack overview

AstaZero’s test site is unique since it is specifically developed for tests and research surrounding active safety. The site is strategically placed in the centre of the West Sweden automotive cluster and its assembled expertise within the field of safety.

AstaZero’s open environment means that anyone is welcome to test different environments, scenarios and functions at the test site. Thanks to the collaboration between many different stakeholders, AstaZero offers fast realignment of the test site based on changing customer requirements.

In addition to the opportunities for testing, research and development, AstaZero also hosts demonstrations and assists with product launches, conferences and corporate events.

Track offer

All customers have different requirements, and AstaZero therefore offers opportunities to:

  • Simply hire the facility or parts/part of test site
  • Hire the site and available expertise (different options depending on requirements)
  • Hire the site, expertise and subsequent execution of test analysis.

Technician offer

Research engineers and other technicians employed by AstaZero are available to provide support and assistance during testing and development work and participate in research projects by:

  • Developing and contributing tests and testing methods and measurement equipment.
  • Developing and maintaining equipment, devices and aids.
  • Functioning as a resource for customer company’s development and test projects.
  • Contribute to the design/development and creation of prototypes for different functions as assigned by customers.

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