High Speed Area

In the High Speed Area, a number of different avoidance tests can be carried out, including manoeuvres at very high-speeds. The tests are possible due to AstaZero’s comprehensive knowledge of measurement and positioning technology.


The High Speed Area is connected to the Multilane road and consists of a circle, 240 metres in diameter with “drop add-ons”. It slopes 1 percent laterally and is completely flat in the longitudinal direction, (flatness 1.0 acc. to IRI).

The High Speed Area has two acceleration roads. Acceleration road one is approximately 1 kilometre long. In addition to the two acceleration roads, it is also possible to use the multilane road for acceleration, which means vehicles can enter the High Speed Area from three different directions.


  • Asphalt acc. to SN75-80.
  • Basic illumination
  • Rigid fences around the whole area with cushions in front.
  • Turning loop for long vehicles (25,25 m) at the end and halfway with a width of 7 metres.
  • Separate control tower.
  • Two stories high for good visibility.
  • Parking space with outlets to charge electric vehicles and batteries.
  • Space for 10 cars plus one bus.
  • Warehouse for equipment, traffic signs and cones.
  • Remote control of targets, balloon cars and driving robots.
  • Misc.
  • Calibration area at the first turning loop. ( for gyros )
  • Conduit along the acceleration roads. ( for future needs )
  • Prepared area for 100 spectators.







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